Shrinking the Value Gap With A New Approach to Leadership Development and Business Skills Training

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Leadership Ecademy, LLC is an adult education company specializing in the development of leadership competencies for individuals within an organization. Our approach to leadership development and business skills training is a radical departure from traditional training approaches.


The founders of our organization have significant career experience in adult education,organizational development and leadership development. We identified the germane leadership competencies required by today’s leaders based on research conducted by the Centers for Creative Leadership as well as independent studies conducted by other researchers. Surprisingly, the composition and impact of these competencies on the organization has remained unchanged for over sixty years!


While conducting our research, we also found that the effectiveness of leadership training efforts diminished as the class length increased. Issues with class scheduling for a complete day or week, the volume of material presented, unnecessary content, content retention, makeup work, examples difficult to relate to, questions arising after class and the lack of followup all contribute to lowered expectations and results. This ‘effectiveness gap’ of traditional leadership training was underscored by a 2013 study where 79% of business executives were going to conduct leadership development training for staff members but only 75% thought the training would have the desired impact on the organization. An overwhelming majority of business leaders feel that in spite of the low effectiveness of training they were still going to schedule training because they had to do something!


Understanding these realities, the Leadership Ecademy approach begins with conducting an inventory of leadership and professional skills for each Client and comparing existing skills to those required for future advancement. This comparative analysis results in a prescriptive development plan to prioritize and build leadership competencies.


This prescriptive development plan is formulated with the Client along with a Coach. The Coach can be assigned by our firm or other internal resources including the Client’s supervisor, an HR specialist, a mentor, or an outside resource that the Client knows and trusts. The coach and the client will use our unique coaching application to track assignments and competency development in coaching sessions.


Several times per week, Leadership Ecademy conducts twenty to thirty minute education sessions to teach different leadership competencies. The sessions are conducted in an interactive, virtual classroom environment and are thought provoking as well as structured to facilitate questions and answers during each session. All sessions are recorded in the event that a concept needs to be reviewed or if a client encountered a last minute commitment that prevented attending the session. At the end of each session, the client will be assigned a task to apply the concepts learned to their current business environment. The assignment can be completed independently by the Client or with the Client’s Coach. Completion will not only reinforce the concepts learned in the session, it will drive business results.


All information concerning the leadership development of the client including the client development plan, classes scheduled & taken, assignments and coaching notes is stored in our proprietary Leadership Engine™. This information can be downloaded to client organization HR systems to allow member organizations to track employee development internally.


With our novel approach and unique resources, Leadership Ecademy is committed to ‘developing tomorrow’s leaders today!’


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