A Different Approach to Leadership Development

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Does your organization have a group training event planned this year? Are you willing to try a different approach to leadership development? We are looking for candidates for a business skills training and development case study. If selected, your organization will be part of a case study to document the effectiveness of a new approach to leadership and business skills development.

Topics may cover a range of leadership skills including:

Motivating Others                      Dealing With Uncertainly           Strategic Agility
Planning                                     Front Line Leadership               Effective Communications
Presentation Skills                   Managerial Courage                  Organizational Agility
Directing Others                        Peer Relationships                    Delegation
Creativity and Innovation         Building Effective Teams           Managing Vision and Purpose
Time Management                   Organizing                                    Conflict Management
Confronting Direct Reports    Command Skills                          Intellectual Horsepower
Problem Solving                       Customer Focus                          Improving Analytical Skills

and others, as requested (topics may be customized for your organization).

Please contact C. Thomas Smith at 920-428-7475 for additional details, or if you have questions about topics, timing or disclosure of training data.

Leadership Ecademy

The contemporary, flexible, life-long-learning approach to effective leadership development

  • Assessment of Leadership Skills and desired development goals
  • Prescriptive learning approach to skills development
  • Thought provoking interactive sessions focused on key leadership competencies
  • Leadership Engine – Cloud based integrated interfaces allows input from coaches, supervisors, peers, and mentors.
  • Flexible, integrated coaching and mentoring module

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