Skills Assessment is crucial to the staff member development process, providing you and your organization with a starting point for the journey.  Organizations may or may not have a formal skills assessment process where skills gaps are addressed via an individual development plan.  A leadership skills assessment is defined as either a personal inventory of leadership skills based upon either a self assessment or a more comprehensive ‘360’ assessment by supervisors, peers and subordinates.  360 assessments are extremely powerful and frequently reveal blind spots for individuals that may be getting in their way to become a more effective leader.

If skills are regularly measured and tracked, you may simply need to develop new leadership skills for future assignments. If not, you will need to assess existing skills, compare these to the required competencies for present and future positions and develop a prescriptive learning plan for career development.  Leadership Ecademy will work with each Client and their organization to identify the right tool for baseline skills assessment as listed below.

Individual Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® provides a framework understanding individual differences and provides a dynamic model of individual development. It has found wide application in the many functions that comprise an organization.

360° Assessment

The Lominger VOICES 360° identifies strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and hidden strengths. Using 360° results, we will help you build a development plan that aligns with corporate goals.

Grapevine 360 Assessment

Leadership Ecademy has partnered with Grapevine Evaluations® to offer individual and 360° assessment tools.

Based upon the results of any of the assessments, your Leadership Ecademy Coach will work with you to construct a prescriptive development plan, along with the specific action plans that will help you deliver and achieve results.

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