Each Client is Unique

Leadership Development is unique and rarely the outcome of traditional ‘one size fits all’ training-based solutions. At Leadership Ecademy, we understand that each Client is unique, and will require a development plan that is based on competencies already possessed along with leadership development goals.

Our Approach to Organizational Skills Development

Our competency development process is unique in the industry, following the “Knowing, Doing, Being” approach adopted by Harvard Business School professors Scott Snook, Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana. Our differences start with content design and presentation. Our proprietary content is framework based on specific leadership competencies that are highly correlated with improved organizational performance. Leadership Ecademy schedules a series of one hour sessions to present content for specific leadership competencies. These sessions are conducted in an interactive, virtual classroom environment with a live instructor and are thought provoking as well as structured to facilitate questions and answers during each session. All sessions can be taken using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or Android/iOS smartphone and are recorded for playback.  Content can also be presented in traditional classroom settings.

During the session, exercises are assigned to the students to either role play with another student during the class and/or use the Leadership Ecademy IPad App to practice the new skill via live recording. The student can repeat the exercise as many times as they like on the IPad after class and once satisfied, can submit it to a coach for review and approval. Once the coach approves a video, it is stored in the cloud based Leadership Engine along with class transcripts and any coaching notes.

After class, the students are asked to sit through a coaching session with a leadership coach to review the objectives of the course and the demonstrated skills of the student as well as identify next steps in the development plan. The implementation of the development plan will not only reinforce the concepts learned in the session, it will change behavior and drive business results.

Our Approach to Personal Leadership Skills Development

The long term objective of our personal development model is to conduct a leadership and professional skills assessment for each Client, and compare existing competencies to desired development goals. This comparative analysis results in a prescriptive overall development plan to begin to build or add to leadership competencies.

This overall development plan is developed with the Client along with a Coach. The Coach can be the Client’s supervisor, a HR specialist, a mentor, or other internal resource, or an outside resource that the Client knows and trusts. Leadership Ecademy can also provide a Coach. If your organization has an annual assessment and evaluation system, that can be incorporated into this process. Assessment results are stored in the Leadership Engine Database and are accessible to the coach and the client.

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